Get A Head Start Preparing for the Bar Exam

We understand that taking the bar exam without any prior training in U.S. law is extremely difficult, and that’s why you can’t take just any bar review course. You need a course that will not only review but teach you the basic fundamentals of the American legal system you need in order to pass the bar exam.

A Bar Review Course Designed to help Attorneys from Outside the U.S. Pass the Bar Exam and Obtain a License to Practice Law in New York

At Pieper, we understand that you cannot learn everything covered on the bar exam in the short 10-week interval in which most bar review courses are offered. That’s why we offer the Early-Start Home Study program. Through this specifically designed program you get the benefits of our comprehensive bar review course, with the freedom to begin your review as early as you need and to continue at your own pace.

How the Pieper Bar Review Early Start Program can help you:

  • Classes that teach you the fundamental American legal principles that you’ll need to pass the exam
  • Early access to online lectures to begin studying the same day you register
  • Access to all of Pieper’s materials and resources, including more than 1,500 pages of outlines detailing the law in each topic tested on the bar exam
  • Actual Essay, MPT, and multiple choice questions from prior bar exam to practice, so you’ll know exactly what to expect on the exam
  • Essay and MPT grading by our team of attorneys

Take the bar review course that has helped countless bar exam candidates pass the exam. 

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